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November 13, 2009

’bout me???

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Oh well,,,m kinda nice. Don’t worry i don’t bite!  lolz…Am juz a simple lady but simply elegant…a good friend, i think?…hehehe I don’t easily open to other people like strangers but if  you got to know me, and we’ve already known each other somehow you will find me a “nice” person. I think so….nyahaha! Ammm,what else? Well, i don’t have so much to say ‘coz am the type of person that is very reserved. I used to say or tell something about me a bit..

Sometimes i don’t sleep at night, am fond of staying infront of the computer all night long. I’m addicted to my Facebook account, Friendster, Email, listening my favorite music from the pc, keeps on updating, uploading photos, playing my cafe world there, playing friends for sale, and other games. These are my hobbies these days aside from hanging out…

About the training, anyhow i find it juz like am having fun. And thanks to Sir Jonas for that. For not being strict with us, for making us feel comfortable everyday during our training, for giving us his brilliant ideas, his advices, etc. I’m learning a lot of things about what a call center agent should be. With that i’ve seen myself  a potential for being one…

So, let’s keep it up!

Good Luck & God Bless to everyone…


Hello world!

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